Company Info:

Athletics Club of Kispest
Judo Department
1194 Budapest, Katona József Street 3.

Tel.: +36-20-9345-391
Fax: +36-1-282-39-50

Jobbágy István professional trainer (5. DAN), PE teacher
Hodos Timea sport instructor (2.DAN)

Our Department was founded in 1995. We ensure the possibility for movement for all who wish to do some sports, from kindergarten age till grownups. In the youth section we offer the opportunity for national and international competitions, in the case of grownups our main aim is to ensure the conditions of spare time sports.
The trainings are held in our sport estate- in a separate building- in cultured conditions, on a well-fixed, good quality tatami.

Every year we organize a training camp in the Holiday Camp at Káptalanfüred of the Kispest Local Government. Those above the age of ten can participate alone, the smaller children together with their families.

On the sport estate of the Athletics Club of Kispest - in the summer day-care sport camps - our students can get acquainted with the basics of handball, sand handball, volleyball, tennis, athletics and other outdoor sports.

Every autumn and spring we organize - together with the Kispest Local Government - a sport day, where a judo home competition also takes place.
Here the future judoka can prepare in a familiar, but completely competition-like environment for their sport career.

We accept new members constantly, but - for a quicker integration - we sometimes start a close-up group. This usually starts in October.